IXU’s video conferencing platform increases your outreach while reducing costs. The web based application makes it easy to conduct group and individual meetings anywhere internet connections are accessible. Student recruitment, orientation, agent training, and graduate interviews are just some of the ways to utilize this multi-purpose tool.


From powerpoint, video feeds, webinars, interviews or in-staff correspondence, our Video Conferencing software puts the world at your fingertips

Video conferencing increases your exposure abroad and provides the personal touch to maximize your enrollments.

iXU Video Conferencing helps you reach your students anywhere in the world.


iXplore Universities specialized representatives will coordinate your department training. IXU’s tracking system records the behavioral analytics of each session. Surveys provide instant feedback to consistently improve your content. Our conversion report measures return on investment.


Contact iXplore Universities for a live video conference Demo.

  • Store Powerpoint Presentations
  • Documents Sharing
  • Multi-window display
  • Multi-video streaming
  • Text Chat
  • Save Whiteboard to .PDF
  • Automated Reporting
  • Surveys
  • Record audio/video file with instant playback and download
  • See the physical location of each attendee
  • Built in VoIP
Other Products
  • Language Translations
  • Source Tracking & Reporting
  • Email Templates
  • eBrochures


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