“Since meeting Brian Owens in 2003 he has worked closely with me to ensure our program marketing and recruiting needs are met resourcefully and competently. We are a soft money program with an often limited and unpredictable budget from year to year and Brian understands this. I have relied on Brian’s knowledge with respect to recruiting and have appreciated his willingness to share the information for the good of the entire international community. The technology and tools he offers are innovative and just what our program needs to keep our efforts efficient, effective and up-to-date.”


Kendee Franlkin
Marketing and Recruiting Director
Intensive English Language Center
University of Nevada Reno


“Mr. Brian Owens [President & Founder of] ‘iXplore Universities’ has created electronic brochures to promote OCC’s programs and services to prospective international students. These products are excellent recruitment tools that can help increase the visibility of our programs to prospective students. Mr. Owens has demonstrated a high level of customer service throughout the process and we are very satisfied with his services.”


Madjid Niroumand
Director, International Center
Orange Coast College


“iXplore Universities’ savvy technological approach to recruitment speaks directly to today’s students. Brian’s service oriented approach, extensive knowledge and years of experience in the marketplace make him a valued partner in our undergraduate marketing effort.”


Susan McGill
Director, International Admission
Hiram College