Mobile eBrochures

Not only does iXplore Universities’ eBrochure help to reach your target audiences all over the world, it also automatically becomes compatible for most major mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone/iPad, Blackberry and Windows systems.

This mobile ‘light’ version may not have all the bells and whistles the Standard eBrochure retains, but it more than makes up for this with portability and effectiveness.

Check out the Mobile eBrochure Features! ->

Mobile eBrochure finger swipe to turn the page. Just use your finger to swipe and scroll to the next page. Works both vertically and horizontally on handheld devices and tablets.


iXplore Universities’ eBrochure and Mobile eBrochure is the ultimate tool to send your message to all your target markets throughout the world. Translations and Video Closed captioning enable all viewers to understand the content and make a more informed decision when choosing your school for their education.


Mobile eBrochure fits horizontally or vertially

  • Professionally Designed Brochure
  • Language Translations
  • Slide finger to turn the page
  • Tracking Metrics & Reporting
  • In-Document Search
  • Share with Others
  • Mobile Videos with Translations
  • Real-time Application Submission
  • Works on most major mobile platforms
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